What Colorado TechCast Is All About

Hi, I am Trapper Little

-- tech-obsessed host of the Colorado TechCast.

I’ve spent 20 years in the Tech Industry, and along the way I’ve met some fascinating people with even more fascinating stories.  Tech has the ability to create ideas and businesses out of thin air (actually digital air). It’s almost magic.

When you think of tech and creativity and startups, I bet you don’t naturally think of Colorado, do you?  You think of the Silicon Valley, Seattle, or maybe Austin, but not Colorado.

It’s my mission to change your mind, and introduce you to amazing people and companies that can change your own entrepreneurial journey.

Hear what people are saying about Colorado TechCast...


Outstanding platform - Positive experience from start to finish.

The experience of working with Trapper Little to share our story with his audience was positive from start to finish.

He is an excellent interviewer and listener and is genuinely interested in the story itself. He was more concerned with the whole story being told than fitting into his criteria, which was very refreshing. Many of our longest term supporters and customers have commented they learned things about Blue Star from the interview they never knew.

Bill Morris - Co-Founder, Blue Star Recyclers

Great Conversation

All of our businesses have stories that are rarely heard. Trapper's podcast was a great experience in reminiscing about the highs and lows of the entrepreneurial journey. It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day work but reflecting on the origins, and hearing others stories, keeps everything in perspective.

Peter Melby - CEO, Greystone Technology

Thank you Trapper for the opportunity to be your guest on Colorado TechCast!

Trapper is a gracious host and wonderful conversationalist who relates to and cares about technology entrepreneurs and their respective journeys. Beyond the enjoyable personal interaction, Trapper is an excellent storyteller and editor – making the resulting podcasts both informative and engaging.

Melissa Risteff - Co-Founder and CEO, Couragion

Wonderful resource

Trapper provides a great resource for Colorado based tech businesses to connect with and learn from each other!

Peter Bell - Founder, CTO Connection

Colorado TechCast is awesome!

This is the second time Proximity has been featured on Colorado TechCast! Trapper is a kind host that thoughtfully directs the conversation to get to the most important information. Colorado TechCast has done a remarkable job of building the narrative for Colorado entrepreneurialism.

Brian Watson - Co-Founder, Proximity Space

Great experience

It was a complete pleasure to share my story with such a diligent and in-depth interviewer!

David Secunda - CEO, WorkBright

Great Marketing and PR Resource

Trapper and Colorado TechCast was a great marketing and PR resource for AdCellerant. We had several new companies reach out to us after the podcast along with several of our existing customers. Beyond the business benefit, it was a fun experience and very useful for our team to learn more about how podcasts work.

Brock Berry - CEO, AdCellerant

Breaking through the noise

Thank you, Trapper, for reaching out to learn more about Adswerve’s story. As a company born in Denver, we are excited to share the work we are doing with a professional who clearly does his homework and doesn’t just stop at what makes Denver a great place to do business. His thoughtful approach helped to unlock our company’s history and allowed us to remember why the work we are doing is so important on a grander scale. The resulting podcast has been a great asset for us to share with our customers, partners and with our industry as a whole. Trapper is helping to shepherd greater awareness for the entrepreneurial community in Colorado and we are proud to be featured on Colorado TechCast.

Clint Tasset - CEO, Adswerve


Working with Trapper on this podcast was a fun experience. He was easy to talk to and well organized for the show, which made it a comfortable conversation. He did a great job of guiding the topics and at the same time was a thoughtful listener.

Kristen Stiles - Co-Founder and CEO, Sitter

Great way to get the word out

If you're trying to get your name out in Colorado, the Colorado TechCast is a great way to reach a great community of people that are interested in Colorado businesses.

Cody Cornell - Co-Founder and CEO, Swimlane

The Colorado TechCast hits on the topics that are relevant in the tech industry by leaders in the tech industry

Trapper was very well prepared to discuss the critical shortage of tech talent in the market today. His preparation and questions made it very easy for me to share key aspects of apprenticeships that is the key driver of our business model. His interview style was very conversational which allowed for a very smooth and effective interview.

CHRIS MAGYAR - Chief Academic Officer, Techtonic Academy

Trapper is a true technology advocate who provides deep insight into the minds of technologists in the colorado area

It was a pleasure to be one of the first people interviewed on the Colorado TechCast. We had an awesome time talking about the ups, downs, left-ways and right-ways of starting and running a technology company in Colorado. Trapper gets right to the point and asks questions that provide great insights to his listeners.

Brian Pontarelli - CEO, Inversoft

Thinking outside the box

Trapper thinks outside the box to get guests to talk outside the box. This makes for a stimulating experience, for both guests and listeners, on Colorado TechCast.

David Barnett - CEO, PopSockets

Trapper is a Thorough and Thoughtful Host

Trapper is an excellent interviewer and host. He asked insightful, thought provoking questions. I was particularly impressed with his preparation and how he put together a well thought out flow from our conversation.

Robert Kluin - Managing Partner, Real Kinetic LLC


Trapper Little approached me with the idea of sharing my story about Skywriter MD and our humble beginnings. To be honest, I was a little skeptical but during the interview process, Trapper's approach and professional, relevant questions put me at ease. He covered our story from front to back with integrity. Thanks Trapper! I look forward to listening to many more of your Podcasts!

Tracy Rue - CEO, Skywriter Md

Plus you will be part of a growing online and offline community (yes, you can be a virtual Coloradan too).

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