Episode 7: Brian Watson – Proximity Space 

When you have conversations with people from small towns they’re trying to figure out how to become the next Silicon Valley or how to become Boulder.  The reality is they never will be. They are the communities that they are.  But by applying technology to industries that they have invested on in the past they are going to come up with new solutions to old problems.

Welcome to episode 7 of Colorado TechCast.

In this episode I interview Brian Watson, Chief Marketing Officer of Proximity Space, and Co-Founder of LAUNCH West CO.  Brian talks about building a community of technology professionals in rural areas by organizing Meetups, Startup Weekend, and other events to draw out the technology community along the Western Slope.

As the community began to take shape, Brian and Josh set out to open LAUNCH West Co, the first Coworking space in Grand Junction.  They later merged with Proximity Space in Montrose to expand the network of Coworking spaces in Western Colorado.

In addition to running their own locations, Proximity Space has developed hardware and software solutions for other Coworking spaces to help automate the billing, membership, and facility operations.

Brian talks about how tech hubs in rural areas empower people to live where they want and work virtually anywhere.

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I am always on the lookout for future guests, so if you know anyone with an interesting story to tell, or you yourself would like to come on and talk about what you’re building, then send me an email.

Thanks for tuning in, and join us next time when we bring you the story of another digital pioneer in Colorado!