Episode: 4 – Paul Kurkulis

Paul founded Savvy Amigo knowing that the best way to ensure a great vacation was to ask a local, but not just any local, but a real Savvy Amigo

In this episode, I interview Paul Kurkulis, Founder, and CEO of Savvy Amigo.  Based in the scenic mountain resort town of  Aspen, Colorado, Savvy Amigo is disrupting traditional travel advice sites by connecting travelers with on the ground experts.  We talk about his inspiration, pain points, and lessons learned along the way.

On the Internet, there is no shortage of travel information or review sites. The problem is always with accuracy and relevancy. Sifting through countless pages just to find that one snippet and or cross-referencing random reviews is a taxing process. there has to be a better travel advice solution.

Savvy Amigo introduces a new and efficient way to connect those who are seeking travel advice with those who are best qualified to give the advice, ie Real Locals.

In addition, Savvy Amigo reaches below the surface and addresses a basic human need sometimes missed in today’s macro environment—the ability to give individuals a voice, feel good about themselves and make a difference.

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