Episode 6: Peter Melby – Greystone Technology

Technology has evolved rapidly over the past 17 years. Technology services haven’t. That’s why we created Greystone Technology. To get rid of the traditional “Us versus Them” attitude IT has toward the business

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In this episode I interview Peter Melby, Co Founder and CEO of Greystone Technology.  Racking up an impressive list of accolades that includes Denver Post Top Places to Work for 3 consecutive years, 40 under 40, and CEO of the Year Finalist, Peter has built a thriving technology services company, while staying close to his customers.  Peter talks about what factors lead him to found a technology company in the ruins of the dotcom bust, the importance of having authentic conversations, and learning business lessons from customers.

Links to things we talk about:
  • Learn more about Greystone Technology [Here]

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