Episode: 9 – John Williamson

Once we got to the point where we really understood and believed in our brand and the effect we wanted to have on people it changed everything, from what we said on our website to what we said when we were speaking in front of a crowd to what we said on a sales call. It really pervaded all aspects of our communication

In this episode, I interview serial entrepreneur John Williamson.  John has achieved success by bringing technology solutions to businesses that are traditionally low-tech. His first startup utilized proprietary mapping technology to streamline the delivery of physical goods in a city.

After this, John moved into the Qualitative Research field and founded Qualvu. Qualvu developes video-based qualitative research services and has led the offline to online migration in qualitative research. They also created TruePanel.com, an online consumer recruiting, screening, management and fulfillment platform to power online research projects.

Next, using many of the lessons learned from Qualvu, John founded a proprietary platform for Research Intelligence called 24tru. 24tru is a software solution for mining market research assets including video, images, PowerPoint, PDF, and Word documents using a custom search engine.

Both Qualvu and 24tru were acquired by FocusVision Worldwide in December 2015.

John’s latest venture is a bold move. Once again he is bringing innovative technology solutions to business, this time in the traditionally low-tech area of massage. Elite Massage Chairs builds technology-enabled massage chairs, combining full-body massage with brainwave frequency synchronization, for powerful new concepts in mind/body healing. Elite Chairs are the preferred solutions among professional sports teams, chiropractors, and others seeking relief from chronic pain.

John shares his thoughts on branding, marketing, and some hard lessons that every entrepreneur must eventually face.

Links to things we talk about:

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  • The Science of Neuroplasticity [Here]
  • Qualvu Recognized as Fastest Growing Tech Company [Here]

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