Episode 3: Michael Simpson – Pairin

Michael Simpson, Co-Founder and CEO – Pairin was founded on the belief that all people have amazing value, but most of us never realize our potential.

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In this episode I interview Michael Simpson, CoFounder and CEO of Pairin.  Based in the RiNo district in Denver, Pairin’s mission is to make education relevant and hiring equitable.

Pairin’s Behavioral Testing is based on Dr. Harrison Gough’s Adjective Check List (ACL). The ACL is a norm-referenced standardized test consisting of 300 adjectives and adjectival phrases commonly used to describe a person’s behavioral attributes.

Awarded Startup of the year by the Denver Chamber of Commerce, Pairin was founded on the belief that all people have amazing value, but most of us never realize our potential. People are too often put into ill-fitting boxes, told we can’t, won’t and will never be able to attain our dreams. Many people hear this so much they never even dream big, or pursue their goals as if they are truly attainable. This is  something that Pairin wants to change.

Links to things we talk about:

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Challenges associated with being an entrepreneur, that you don’t encounter in a large company [7:50]
  • On working with Eric Schmidt [10:50]
  • Picking all futures and the pay off of Parin [14:40]
  • Lessons learned from working with VC’s [20:35]
  • Hardest Decisions: Paying yourself, hiring before you’re ready, and NOT taking money [26:15]
  • Why Denver [32:15]
  • Winning the 2017 Startup of the Year Award [36:45]
  • Building a nurturing culture [38:55]


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