Episode: 10 – Miles Matthias

I really emphasize networking. It’s kind of a dirty word for a lot of computer science people like myself who don’t see that it’s a positive thing or just equate networking as standing around awkwardly at a party holding a beer. And what I’ve done is help people understand that it doesn’t have to be like that.

Miles Matthias joins us for episode 10. Miles is Chief Technical Officer InKind Capital, Boulder Startup Week Organizer, and co-host of StartupCTO Podcast.

Miles talks about

  • How InKind Capital Helps fund new restaurants by building a loyal customer base before they even open
  • A random visit to a coffee shop that lead to an introduction to the Techstars network, springboarding his career in the Boulder startup ecosystem
  • The importance of choosing the appropriate communication channel when working with remote teams

Miles also shares his thoughts on technology leadership, and the importance of giving back to the community – the Boulder ethos.

Links to things we talk about:


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